The Staff

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Haley Solomon

Faculty Advisor

Hello! My name is Haley Solomon and I am the Faculty Advisor for The Perch. I work full-time at WUTC radio station on campus as a Producer, Host and Manager of our Operations and Traffic. I absolutely love music and radio and am really excited to bring more radio opportunities to the students here at UTC - can’t wait to see what we build. Favorite Album: Plastic Beach, Gorillaz

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Hope Montgomery

Station Manager

Hey y’all! I’m Hope Montgomery and I’m the Station Manager for The Perch. I’m an art major, barista, and I’ve been hosting a student radio show on WUTC since early 2020. Radio is something I totally stumbled upon back in 2020, but it quickly became something I really love and enjoy. I can’t wait to work with the campus community to build a station that represents who we are.

Favorite album: Blonde by Frank Ocean

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NAvAh Chestnut

Assistant Station Manager

Hi! I’m Navah Chestnut (they/them) and I’m the Assistant Station Manager for The Perch. I’m an English major in UTC’s Honors College, and I’ve been hosting a show on WUTC’s MocsMix since Fall 2020. I have a passion for listening to and sharing music, so I am always ecstatic to create playlists and shows. Although I spend a lot of my free time writing, music is always a constant, and my first and only love. I’m so excited to work to make UTC’s student radio more accessible and awesome than it already is! 

Favorite album: XO by Elliott Smith <3

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RyAn MencH

Marketing Director 

Hello.  I am Ryan and I am the marketing director here at the Perch and the host of Capitalist Commodities Radio. Currently I am pursuing a degree in marketing at UTC. In my free time I play bass for Lilacs. 

Favorite album: “Hold your horse is” by Hella

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FAy  AregAi

Hey! I’m Fay, the host of “Test Drive” here at The Perch! I’m from Clarksville, Tennessee, a first-gen college student, and an avid music fan. I strongly believe apple juice is better than orange juice.

Favorite Album: CTRL by SZA

Outreach Coordinator

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EdwArd Smith

News Director

Hello, my name is Edward. I'm the News Director for The Perch. I'm a third year communication major. I tutored students in radio at Chattanooga State. I've also hosted my own podcast for just over a year now. I am fascinated by radio and love hosting shows. You'll probably see me around campus asking students questions for my show. I plan to take the pulse of student opinion by performing man on the street style interviews. In my free time I play guitar and piano, as well as podcast. I can't wait to get student voices out there for everyone to hear. 


Favorite album: A Lesson in romantics by Mayday Parade 

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