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Alexander Le Vine-Miller

The Beat!

I am Alex Le Vine Miller (they/them), a musician and junior philosophy major from Memphis, TN. It is my first year at The Perch, and I am super excited to debut my show, The Beat!, the supreme symposium of 1960s songs and prose. 

Favorite Album: XO by Elliott Smith


Alexis McMurtry

Stuff & Things of the Sort 


Exploring the origins of everything from bell bottom jeans to two-party systems to how the phrase “the devil is beating his wife” came into the world. 

Favorite Podcast - National Park After Dark by Cassie and Danielle

Favorite Album - Evil Friends by Portugal. The Man


Alfred Bolden III

Brothers Bolden and Co.


I'm Alfred Bolden III. I'm a 4th year junior here. I have autism and ADD but I'm with Mosaic, Mocs News, and Mocs Event Committee. I'm the host of "Brothers Bolden and Co." The show is about some wholesome vibes with my brothers as co-hosts as we discuss things from what we did in our childhood. Also my favorite is Queen's A night at the Opera.


James Grant & Bethany

UTC Psychology Dept. Podcast


Join Bethany, a communications and psychology double major, and James, a psychology major, as we journey into the fantastical world of the UTC psychology department! We will interview faculty, chat with students, and discuss any topics we feel are most important. This show is definitely a MUST for all who are invested in the psychology department or are interested in learning more about psychology!


Dandy Reynoso Diaz

TDMT Podcast


TDMT Podcast is about chilling and vibing for an hour to decompress and have some fun. Have a funny story? AITA post you want to share? Want to hear a funny rendition of hey there Delilah sung in a bad Elmo voice? It’s all here for you to enjoy:) 

Favorite podcast: distractible 


Emily Forrester & Conner Coady

Soundtracks of the Paradiso

Hey! We’re Conner (he/him) and Emily (she/they) the hosts of Soundtracks of the Paradiso, a show where we present songs from our favorite movie soundtracks with each episode having a unique theme. Emily is an English major and communications minor and Conner is a psych major and a communications minor. We met at UTC Film Club and bonded over our passion for music and movies. We’re starting this show to present the most underappreciated aspect of filmmaking—the soundtracks.


Emma Hale


Hey! My name is Emma, your host for "Cerebral!" I'm a Secondary Ed- English major and a devoted Anti-John Lennon activist. Come hang out. Favorite Album: Home Video by Lucy Dacus.


Jennifer Etheridge

Hi! I’m Jenny and i’m a sophomore majoring in english and wgss. I’m a huge vinyl collector and boast over 70 records in my collection (mostly ts and the beatles). Honestly my show, ERAS-FM, is me geeking out over Taylor Swift and her songwriting. But as much of Swift’s music will be played, we’ll branch out to other artists as we see themes repeated. 
Fav album: Bookends by Simon & Garfunkel


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Josie Bailey

Obsession Confession


hello! i’m josie (she/her) and I co-host Obsession Confession with my friend lily! We interview people with niche childhood or current obsessions! I’m a freshman from Knoxville majoring in art education and im so excited be a part of the perch team! i love hiking, listening to music, reading, and of course, art!! 

Favorite album: shakedown street by grateful dead


Lily Barrie

Obsession Confession

Hi! I’m Lily Barrie and I host Obsession Confession with my friend Josie where we interview people about their niche childhood (or current) obsessions! I’m a freshman from Nashville and I’m studying Political Science and Environmental Studies. I love nature, making art, reading, journaling, and listening to music and podcasts (go figure). I’m so excited to be part of the Perch team!

Favorite album: This is Happening by LCD Soundsystem


Darien Day

Crazy Enough to Write


I’m an author, artist, bookworm, and avid follower of multiple fandoms. I have been working on a book for several years now in addition to all my school essays, so I have collected plenty of tips over the years. I’m super excited to share what little knowledge I have. My show is a short PSA type discussion of various writing tips and tropes. Meant for authors of all experience levels, this podcast helps explore this crazy thing we call writing!

Contact Info:

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Jacob Little

Professor to Student

I am Jacob Little

My show is Professor to Student 

My favorite album is The Record by boygenius

My favorite podcast is The Yard


I am a sophomore at UTC, majoring in electrical engineering. I'm very involved in the campus community, as I am a member of multiple clubs and student organizations such as Freshman Senate, IEEE robotics, and obviously The Perch. My show is about interviewing some of the professors at UTC to give students a better chance to connect with them. 


Clara Paulson & Sydney Banks


This will be a podcast about the art, history, people and culture in Chattanooga and the UTC campus. We wanted to talk about a broad range of topics from the rich cultural history of  the city to things as simple as pickleball. Throughout our series, we hope to “uncover Chattanooga’s secrets, one story at a time!”

Favorite Podcasts: Radiolab, Circle Time with Kelsey Kreppel


Mallori Crocker

The Theme Show



Hi! I’m Mallori Crocker (She/They) and I’m a SORT major with a business administration minor. I’m from Bowling Green, KY and I’m the host of “The Theme Show”. Whenever I’m not hosting, you can find me working in the campus library or baking some sort of homemade cookies! This is my first year of doing radio and I can’t wait to join you guys for so many more! <3


Favorite album: Opus Eponymous- Ghost 

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